Regalia Group can make full use of the development conditions of tourism resorts and carry out the development mode from concept planning, design and planning, product innovation, investment and development, operation management and so on, which makes it different from other types of tourism and more prominent in its vacation and innovative features.

Regalia Group’s mission is to create extraordinary experiences, leaving eternal memories. We strive to provide a unique travel experience to our customers while enjoying our leisure products, making it unforgettable and sweet memories.

Flying Fox Adventure Park is a unique brand and will replace traditional model of amusement park, leading the new trend of international tourism vacation and adventure sports.

With more than 20 years’ experience in hotel product development and operation, Regalia Group is well-known in the field of product positioning, design, development and management of high-end boutique hotels and serviced apartments, and has enough strength and capacity to manage and operate high-end hotels.

Our professional team will have a more specific, innovative planning and overall design on a product on the basis of scientific positioning, allowing its functions and style in line with its positioning such as scientific design and planning, advanced technology, function perfection, stylish and reasonable to achieve harmony between man and nature, man and environment.

In the mode of entrusting, Regalia Group has unique insights and rich experience in operating a hotel, hotel owner’s rights and interests, entrusting company’s responsibilities, and hotel risk prevention and control.

Through business cooperation, we are familiar with all the relevant project development process and the overall development chain. Our team can provide professional services such as positioning, planning, cost analysis, design consulting, procurement, engineering and pre-opening activities for the owner, and can develop customized technical consulting services for each specialized product and requirement.