Amy Poon

Group Chairman
Vice Chairman of the Chengdu Overseas Committee Council

Ms. Poon has a Doctorate Degree of Business Administration and a CHA Certified Hospitality Association from the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Ms Poon has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Ms. Poon has a keen eye for investment in the development and operation of the hotel industry. Apart from her busy work, she prefers sharing her leisure time with family members. Ms Poon is very passionate about travel, and she shares her worldly experiences in the development of her tourism destinations.


Vice Chairman of Shanghai Overseas Youth Federation Committee
Director of the Chengdu Overseas Committee Council

Mr. Eric Chung has extensive experiences in the architectural field and hospitality industry. Graduated from Harvard Business School and the University of Melbourne for his Double Bachelors in Architecture, Planning and Design, he is also an esteemed architect in the tourism industry. Mr Chung participates in tourism development of the first resort hote(LGD)l of Regalia Group in 2007, 6 years later, Mr Chung acquires the certification of CHA,and in 2014, he obtains a master’s degree in hotel management from the University of Hong Kong.  Mr Chung has travelled to many countries and regions around the world, he has a passion for journey, discovery, travel, meeting new people and cultures, which remains at the core of his business today and which he wants to share with other people. He believes that passion for excellence flows from top management of the organization.

Ms. Annie Du
VP Risk & Legal Dept

Ms. Du has nearly 20 years of experience in real estate and hotel management both at home and abroad. She has been in charge of hotel developments and the risk & legal aspects of all of Regalia developments. Currently she is responsible for the group’s risk and legal department.

Ms. Du holds an EMBA degree from West Coast University and the CSO certificate awarded by American Hotel & Lodging Association. She has been named a key professional of the tourism industry by Suzhou Tourism Bureau.

Ms. Carey Chung
Director of Marketing Communication

As Marketing & Communications Director for Regalia Hotel Group, Ms Carey Chung is responsible for developing and implementing effective marketing, brand building and CSR initiatives for the Group.

Prior to joining the Group, she held various PR and marketing positions in 4A advertising and PR firms such as the IPG Group – Octagon Public Relations of USA and French Advertising Giant – Publicis Group.

Ms. Chung holds a BA Degree in Hotel Management from Griffith University in Australia, and Postgraduate Executive Certificates in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Enterprise at University of Hong Kong.

 Ms. Jane Cao
Vice President – General Manager of Joyan Hotel Management Company

Ms. Cao has more than 25 years of experience in the catering and hotel industry. She joined Regalia Hotel Group in 2001 and served as regional general manager of Jiangsu. She has been responsible for supervision of hotel performance in various areas and for hotel staffing. She was appointed to the headquarters in 2013. Currently she is responsible for management of marketing and Jingman company.

Ms. Cao holds an EMBA degree in global business management from the Northwestern Polytechnic University. She is an international professional manager certified by the International Cooperation Center at the National Development and Reform Commission, and a hotel trainer certified by American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Mr. Ken He
Vice President – Business Development

Mr. He specializes in tourism management. He has more than ten years experience in hotel management. With a keen market insight, highly efficient work style, and excellent organization and communication skills, Mr. He is a leading figure of the management team of Regalia resort hotels. Led by him, the management team has fulfilled many representative tasks making it become a model of team development at Regalia.

Mr. Jeremy Zhu
Director of Hotel Operations

Mr. Zhu specializes in tourism management. He has more than ten years’ experience of operation and management in hotel. He has took part in managing all of Regalia Group’s programs and took responsibility of many hotels’ openning events. With comprehensive and delicate work style. Currently he is responsible for management of hotels to take charge of programs’ operation and quality.

Mr. Henry Lin
Investment Director

Mr. Henry Lin has more than ten years experience in the field of Accounting & Finance. As the Investment Director of Regalia Hotel Group, he is responsible for managing the development of budgets & revenues, financial analysis & projects expenditures. Also, he is in charge of financial reports for forecasting, trends, and results analysis for Regalia Hotel Group.

Ms. Daisy Peng
Annshe Operation Director

Hospitality management postgraduate from UK, she is a post-90s hotel management manager with strong working passion and logical thinking ability and innovative consciousness. As the operation director of Annshe, responsible for quality management, budget management, engineering management and software system management. In her view of the operation, there is a specific operation mode of Annshe, determined to push Annshe to new heights.